NewsUK: community mental health nurses and wellbeing

UK: community mental health nurses and wellbeing

Community mental health nurses stationed at GP surgeries have been shown to improve patient outcomes.

Researchers analysed the data of more than 1500 patients at a primary care mental health service in England. People were treated over three years by mental health nurses for a variety of mental health problems.

Patient mood and anxiety saw significant improvement by the end of treatment. Additionally, 92% of people remained at the primary mental health service throughout treatment, reducing the burden on secondary services, and 67% of people returned to work from statutory sick pay.

Lead researcher Dr Mark Kenwright said: ‘It’s really important that when people have a mental health problem and are in distress, they can see one person and tell their story just once and be booked in with the right person who will deliver the right evidence-based treatment for their problem. It’s surprising how difficult it is to make that work in today’s NHS system.’

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