One-to-one: listening, learning, leading

Almost six months into her role as Wales’ top nurse, Sue Tranka talks about her journey so far and her key priorities for the future, including for the CP workforce.

Transition to adoptive parenthood: a concept analysis

Tracey Long, Catriona Jones, Julie Jomeen and Colin R Martin define transition to adoptive parenthood and identify associated experiences and challenges, when becoming parents by adoption. 



What factors influence mothers in the UK and Ireland to wean their infants before six months of age?

What evidence is there to support parental ACE screening within health visiting practice? A literature review

Victoria MacLellan and Peter Yates examine the experiences of parents and service providers during routine parental ACE screening.

Mapping the learning journey of community nursing students in a digitalised world

Cathy Taylor looked at the perceptions of nurses when using e-portfolios to record their work. Here, she discusses the benefits and pitfalls of digital recording, and its potential for expansion.

What factors influence mothers in the UK and Ireland to wean their infants before six months of age?

A literature review of global social marketing campaigns to improve breastfeeding rates

Ayelet Levi-Brown and David Pontin carried out a literature review to appraise a social marketing campaign that raised breastfeeding rates. Health visitors can use this model to scrutinise local campaigns.


New ways of working

A health visitor reveals how she coped and thrived while in post (and shielding) during the pandemic.

Menopause at work matters

Unite-CPHVA is serious about women’s rights at work during menopause, says Unite national officer Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe.

The haunting

Ann Guindi examines how vicarious trauma can affect health workers and what steps can be taken to help these ‘wounded healers’.

Community Practitioner

In Depth


Understanding neonatal jaundice

Elaine Robinson, senior lecturer at Northumbria University, and Nicci Jones-Anderson, a medical student at Newcastle University, explore the therapeutic pathways for jaundice in newborns.

Showcasing health visiting in Wales: part 1

In the first of a two-part series, Amanda Holland gathers together some of the outstanding work by health visitors in Wales during the pandemic, with comment from the chief nursing officer.

The realities of addiction: alcoholism

In the first of a new series on addiction, journalist John Windell looks at alcohol dependency, its symptoms, how to get treatment, and what you can do to help.

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