Are you the rep we're waiting for?

Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter encourages members to take up the challenge of becoming
a local rep and speaking up for your colleagues.

An exploration of the mental health needs of asylum seeking women and children in the UK: implications for health visiting practice

This literature review by Robert Dransfield and Liz Clark explores the issues surrounding the mental health and wellbeing of asylum seekers in the UK as it relates to health visiting practice.



Web conversation

Preventing teenage pregnancy through home-based sexual healthcare: a qualitative study of practitioners’ experiences

Catriona Jones and her colleagues use practitioners’ perspectives to evaluate a sexual health service designed to prevent second unplanned teenage pregnancy.

CPD Module 3: Nutritional value of the weaning diet

Which nutrients are important to support an infant’s optimal growth?

Carrie Ruxton PhD, registered dietician

What factors influence mothers in the UK and Ireland to wean their infants before six months of age?

Mothering with a major mental Illness: examining emerging themes from the literature

This literature review by Diana Skibniewski-Woods examines the emerging themes found on mothering with a major illness, and is presented in relation to community practice.


The future of health visiting

Public health investment continues to shrink in real terms. Rekha Vijayshankar believes this only makes health visitors and their timely interventions more important than ever.

Navigating a change of nursing career

Lauren Herd

Trainee health visitor, NHS Grampian, and MSc advancing nursing practice student, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Your chance to shine

A variety of events and media are being organised to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS, with great opportunities to have your work recognised.

In Depth


Clinical: the eyes have it

Sticky eye and conjunctivitis are two of the most common conditions affecting children’s eyes, but what causes them, and just how serious are they, asks journalist John Windell.

One size does not fit all

CEO of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Robert Music reveals how you can help increase cervical screening attendance, highlighting the many reasons for the low uptake.

Diversity in practice: Judaism

In the first of a new series on how religion and culture can impact on practice, journalist Lauren Hoffman looks at Judaism.