NewsScotland: proposed reductions to health visitors in Glasgow?

Scotland: proposed reductions to health visitors in Glasgow?

Unite and other unions are in talks with Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership regarding potential reductions to the number of HV posts in the city. Currently, there is no suggestion of any loss of employment.

But the discussions have understandably caused anxiety among staff, and Unite have raised some concerns about the potential consequences of specific cost-saving suggestions.

The Integration Joint Board (IJB) will give their decision on the proposed changes on 15 May.

In a letter to chief executievs, Unite have called the demand on HVs ‘unacceptable’, stating that ‘HV services have been under excessive stress for some time’ and need ‘more investment not less.’

The Unite letter also states that staff report ‘frequently working beyond their contracted hours without financial compensation’ and ‘having to complete documentation in their own time’.

‘Staff are being burned out trying to fit an ever expanding, emotionally draining job into their contracted hours,’ The letter continues. ‘This appears to be a main factor in the high absence rate which in addition to annual leave, maternity, courses and other duties has led to a system where emergency cover is now standard. Any reduction to staffing levels would only exacerbate the issue.’

Solutions proposed by Unite would include working with staff and managers to:

  • Ensure HV numbers are adequate and staff have manageable caseloads
  • Have a sustainable process for raising concerns with HV management
  • Be aware of the risks around duty delegation, incomplete assessments and record keeping delays.

‘Unite the Union will continue to raise the concerns of our members in Health Visiting at Local & National level,’ the Unite letter continues. ‘Capacity related issues are not a question of individual capability.’

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