NewsWales: the cost of living crisis – an urgent public health issue

Wales: the cost of living crisis – an urgent public health issue

While the cost of living crisis affects all the UK, almost a quarter of the Welsh population has been living in poverty for the last decade, so are likely to be worse affected.

What are the main findings?

  • A 69% rise in the number of people experiencing food insecurity 
  • A 50% rise in people falling behind paying a bill 
  • A 47% rise in people who borrowed money  
  • A 25% rise in people in temporary accommodation  
  • A 38% rise in people sleeping rough 
  • 30% reported their finances were having a negative impact on their physical health, while more than 43% reported a negative effect on their mental health.

Expert thought: Sumina Azam

Public health consultant at Public Health Wales

A system-wide public health response is urgently needed, both to mitigate the immediate effects of the cost of living crisis and to tackle the underlying causes of health inequalities caused by poverty to create a healthier and more equal Wales in the long term. 

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