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UK: manifesto launched to help prevent 20,000 cancer deaths a year

Publication: Longer, better lives: a manifesto for cancer research and care, Cancer Research UK

What are the main points?

> Cancer Research UK has published a plan that, if adopted, would ensure the UK is among the best in the world for cancer survival by 2035.

> The manifesto asks the government, ahead of the next general election, to commit to a 10-year cancer plan, led by a national cancer council.

> Five ‘missions’ have been outlined for the government to follow: rebuild the UK’s position in biomedical research; prevent more cancer cases; diagnose earlier and reduce inequalities; bring tests, treatment, and innovations to patients quicker; build a national movement to beat cancer.

> Almost half of cancers in England are diagnosed at a late stage, and around 1 in 5 patients are diagnosed via emergency routes. The charity (and public) want to see measures to change this.


Michelle Mitchell, Chief executive of Cancer Research UK, said: ‘Avoiding thousands of cancer deaths is possible, but it will take leadership, political will, investment and reform. We estimate that half a million people – friends, colleagues and loved ones – will be diagnosed with the disease every year by 2040. Their lives are at stake if we don’t act now.’

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