FeaturesWales: make nursing an attractive career, says CNO

Wales: make nursing an attractive career, says CNO

This was one of five priorities laid out by chief nursing officer (CNO) for Wales Sue Tranka at the CNO conference in Wales in April.

She had five focus areas for the nursing and midwifery professions for the next two years: leading the profession; supporting and growing the workforce; making the professions attractive; improving health and social care outcomes; and professional equity and healthcare equality. Sue said: ‘This is the first time the CNO priorities have been actively set in collaboration with the executive directors of nursing from NHS health boards, trusts and special health authorities in Wales.’

She explained that the ‘truly collaborative approach in their design was important to me to ensure a sense of collective ownership’.

The CNO also spoke about her visions and goals in the March/April issue of Community Practitioner.

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