UncategorisedWales: funded four-year plan to cut long waiting times

Wales: funded four-year plan to cut long waiting times

Waiting times on the NHS in Wales will be no longer than one year by spring 2025, states a new government plan.

An additional £60m to health boards over four years will support the plan announced by health minister Eluned Morgan. It comes after waiting times for routine referrals and non-emergency care surged during the pandemic.

The plan expects 35% of all new appointments and 50% of follow-up appointments to be delivered virtually, with more diagnostic tests conducted outside hospitals in primary and community care settings.

The president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Dr Camilla Kingdon, said paediatricians were pleased that the government recognises that ‘long delays can have a particularly significant impact on children as many treatments are age or developmental stage critical’.

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