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Vaccinations for life

A helpful reminder of the vaccination schedule from birth.

It’s important that vaccines are given on time for the best protection, but if clients miss a vaccine for themselves or their child, they should contact their GP to catch up.

Note: Covid vaccinations have not been included here.

Extra vaccines for at-risk people

Some vaccines are only available on the NHS for groups of people who need extra protection.

These include at-risk babies and children and people with underlying health conditions (see NHS link below for details of these vaccines).

When starting university/college/higher education, clients should make sure they’ve already had:

  • The MenACWY vaccine, which protects against serious infections like meningitis. Clients can still ask their GP for this vaccine until their 25th birthday.
  • Two doses of the MMR vaccine.If a client has not previously had two doses, they can still ask their GP for it. (If anyone is unsure on their status, especially when planning a pregnancy, they should see their GP).

While it’s best to have vaccines on time, people can still catch up on most vaccines if they miss them.

Information courtesy of NHS. See bit.ly/vaccination_schedule 

Stay up-to-date

Stay in the loop with updates on immunisation information for health professionals and immunisation practitioners bit.ly/vaccine_updates_CPs

* Details correct at time of press
** Seasonal influenza (flu) is an unpredictable but recurring pressure that the NHS faces every winter. For updates, see bit.ly/flu_vaccine_updates

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