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More HVs and school nurses needed to improve service

While the NMC has agreed new standards to improve proficiency in nursing and midwifery, Unite says more health visitors and school nurses are needed to ensure the revamp works.

The new standards, which had not been updated for many years, apply to SCPHNs, community nursing specialist practice qualifications and associated programme standards and enable staff to better care for people in their own homes and communities.

However, Unite said vital improvements to care won’t be realised unless there is a dramatic boost in recruitment. The NMC’s own figures show a reduction in health visitors in the UK, down from 23,160 in March 2018 to 22,476 in March 2022.

Unite lead professional officer Obi Amadi said: ‘Significant and ring-fenced investment is needed so families receive the best possible service.’

The standards were expected to be launched ‘in the coming weeks’ at the time of writing.

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