NewsUS: middle-aged loneliness

US: middle-aged loneliness

Middle-aged Americans are more likely to be lonely than their international peers.

Researchers studied long-term datasets of adults aged 45 to 65 across 14 countries. They then mapped out loneliness trends by geography and through time across generations in each country.

In every country ‘boomers’ reported higher levels of loneliness. However, researchers found that loneliness among American boomers was significantly more than their peers, suggesting loneliness in the US may be endemic.

Additionally, experiences of loneliness amongst Americans increased as they approached 65 years of age.

Associate professor of psychology at Arizona State University Frank Infurna said: ‘Though there are effective ways that individuals can work to reduce isolation and loneliness, such as volunteering in the community, there is an urgent need for systematic support, for programs that aid adult caregivers and that provide financial assistance.’

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