Childhood gambling: betting with their future

New figures reveal the shocking extent of gambling among children. Journalist Phil Harris asks if we need to be more vigilant.

The tools to assess neglect

Identifying problems with the care of a child poses challenges for health visitors. Dawn Hodson and Natalie Cummings discuss how the Graded Care Profile 2 tool can aid you in your assessments and help your relationship with a family.

England: body map to identify genetic condition

A new body map to identify a genetic condition and birthmarks has been introduced to the ‘red book’ for families in East Sussex.

Wales: £100m reform of social care

A new £100m fund aims to transform the way health and social services are delivered in Wales.

Putting the CP back into CPR

How can you help ensure members of the public are equipped with basic life-saving skills, and is it even your role to do so? Journalist Rima Evans investigates.

Northern Ireland: new red book introduced

A new version of the Personal child health record is being introduced in Northern Ireland.

England lags Scotland and Wales in child health improvement

Scotland and Wales are making better progress on improving child health than England, according to a report.

Teaching sexual consent: how young is too young?

Sexual consent is firmly on the agenda with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. But is introducing the concept to children as young as two or three a necessity, or a violation of their innocence? Journalist Helen Bird explores the issues.

Scotland: campaign targets adults buying tobacco for children

A national drive to discourage adults who give cigarettes to children and teens has been launched in Scotland.

Wales: funding boost for ACE programme

An all-Wales programme to help police deal with vulnerable people via early intervention and root-cause prevention has received a £6.87m boost.

The impact of parental conflict on children

Children can be the silent victims when their parents’ relationship goes sour, reports journalist Phil Harris. But with the right awareness, it doesn’t have to be that way…