Getting serious about violence

Dr Niamh Ní Longáin of the NHS London Violence Reduction Programme explains how you can help support young people at risk of injury and death.

Showcasing health visiting in Wales: part 1

In the first of a two-part series, Amanda Holland gathers together some of the outstanding work by health visitors in Wales during the pandemic, with comment from the chief nursing officer.

Wales: make nursing an attractive career, says CNO

This was one of five priorities laid out by chief nursing officer (CNO) for Wales Sue Tranka at the CNO conference in Wales in April.

Scotland: new strategy for health and social care workforce

Training, wellbeing, job satisfaction and fair work principles are at the heart of a new plan to shape Scotland’s health and social care workforce over the next decade.

Wales: funded four-year plan to cut long waiting times

Waiting times on the NHS in Wales will be no longer than one year by spring 2025, states a new government plan.

Scotland: preparing the country for future pandemics

Professor Andrew Morris has been appointed as chair of the Scottish Government’s Standing Committee on Pandemic Preparedness (SCoPP). The committee met in April to discuss how to advise Scotland how to prepared to deal with future pandemics.

NSPCC reveals worrying scale of abuse and neglect

In 2021-22, the NSPCC’s Helpline contacted agencies about 22,505 children to investigate concerns about abuse and neglect.

England and Wales: help shape new ways of working for school nurses

New research will seek to explore how school nurses’ work with vulnerable children and young people evolved as a result of the pandemic.

One-to-one: listening, learning, leading

Almost six months into her role as Wales’ top nurse, Sue Tranka talks about her journey so far and her key priorities for the future, including for the CP workforce.

New ways of working

A health visitor reveals how she coped and thrived while in post (and shielding) during the pandemic.

Menopause at work matters

Unite-CPHVA is serious about women’s rights at work during menopause, says Unite national officer Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe.

Wales: first step towards creating a national care service

The establishment of an expert group to support the creation of a National Care Service for Wales has been announced.

England: white paper sets out plans to join up care for people of all ages

The UK Government published a white paper setting out its vision for an integrated NHS and adult social care sector.

Northern Ireland: improving mental health services for young people

Health minister Robin Swann has published an updated ‘Still Waiting’ action plan, alongside its third annual progress report.

England: stark ethnic inequalities in NHS, report reveals

A major review into ethnic inequalities in healthcare has found vast inequalities across a range of health services.

A new vision for research

Louise Wolstenholme, Jo Cooke, Lisa Manlove and Tracey Long discuss sharing good practice when developing a 0 to 19 research network.

Scotland: a new £1m fund for social care workforce

The £1m Workforce Wellbeing Fund for Adult Social Work and Social Care has been established by the Scottish Government to support projects that look after staff wellbeing.