Unite health members vote in favour of NHS pay deal

NHS health workers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the three-year pay deal proposed by the government.

GDPR: the transfer of data power

New data protection laws came into force across Europe last month, with major implications for how organisations gather and process personal information. Journalist Juliette Astrup looks at why this matters to you.

24 hours with Clare Henderson

Clare is a peripatetic HV for the charity SSAFA, providing services in Cyprus to military and entitled civilian families.

Conference - don't miss out

Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter advises you on how to fund your attendance at the Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference.

Your rights - speaking up

Unite were among the thousands of union members and campaigners who marched to demand a new deal for working people.

The big question: could automation replace health visitor jobs?

Three members give their views on whether automation is good or bad for the profession.

Will Brexit be bad for our health?

As the implications of the UK’s departure from the EU become clearer, journalist Juliette Astrup examines what happens to medical research, as fears are raised that the end of an EU-wide approach could harm patients and public health.

Wales: NHS bursary to continue

The NHS bursary is to be extended for another year in Wales, health secretary Vaughan Gething has confirmed.

Northern Ireland: health strategy – a new way forward

A long-term strategy for Northern Ireland’s health and social care workforce has been unveiled, alongside investment into nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals in the province.

England: Labour plans extra HV check for babies

Labour would introduce an additional health visitor check for babies at three to four months if elected, the shadow health secretary has announced.

Scotland: HV vacancy rates on the rise

‘The SNP should come clean about progress on this target and explain how it’s going to secure the additional 500 health visitors it promised’