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Scotland: responding to the drug death emergency

Publication: Drug deaths taskforce response: a cross-government approach

More than 80 actions outlined in the report will be supported by £68m, with measures being taken across a broad range of areas to improve the lives of those affected by drugs.

What are the main actions?

  • £30m ringfenced from the Enhanced Services Allocation to NHS territorial boards from April 2023 to support specific drug treatment services within primary care settings.
  • £18m to develop stabilisation and crisis care services.
  • £4.3m for a Stigma Action Plan, which includes an accreditation scheme to challenge stigma across public life.
  • £5.5m for new programmes for children and families, including the expansion of the Routes youth work programme.
  • £3.4m more to deliver a workforce action plan and expand the Addiction Workers Training Programme, and an additional £3.3m to expand trauma training.

EXPERT THOUGHT Angela Constance

Drugs policy minister

‘Every drug death is a tragedy and unacceptable. This publication outlines our whole government commitment to addressing this challenge and ensuring that people with problem substance use can access the services they need.’

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