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Scotland: impact of covid on children and young people

An overview of key messages from the latest round of the Covid-19 Early Years Resilience and Impact Survey has revealed mixed results for families, but a negative impact overall. 

Some families reported positive effects, but the pandemic has made life more difficult for others. For a substantial proportion of children, parents and carers felt the pandemic had negatively impacted child and family health and wellbeing. 

Around three in 10 children have experienced difficulties with emotions, behaviours and mental health. Also, a majority of parents said the pandemic has had a negative effect on their own physical and mental health.

Dr Debby Wason, public health intelligence principal at Public Health Scotland, said: ‘Although children are less likely to suffer the direct health consequences of Covid-19, the effects of the pandemic are more likely to have affected their development, health and wellbeing.’ 

She also said that ‘the impacts have been felt to a greater extent in families from low-income households’.

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