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Research digest: teens’ emotional wellbeing

A sense of purpose may have a significant impact on adolescents’ emotional wellbeing, a study suggests.

Two hundred participants aged 14 to 19 were asked each day for 70 days to rate how purposeful they felt, and the levels of positive and negative emotions they were feeling.

Teens who scored high on purposefulness were more satisfied with their lives and experienced more positive emotions and fewer negative emotions. The researchers also found that on the days when these adolescents felt more purposeful than usual, they also tended to experience greater wellbeing. One of the study authors said the findings show that no matter where teens are in comparison with their peers, when they feel more purposeful than usual, they have better outcomes.

‘Our 70-day study is one of the most consistent examinations of youths’ purposefulness to date and helps cement the beneficial influence it has on their wellbeing,’ said study lead professor Kaylin Ratner. ‘Interventions that promote purposefulness may be viable routes to enhancing the wellbeing of many young people.’

Journal of Happiness Studies

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