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Periods and menopause: ground-breaking guidance

New guidance has been published to support those menstruating or going through menopause in the workplace, by the British Standard Institution (BSI).

BSI highlight that it is the world’s first British Standard on menstrual and menopausal health. The workplace-standard outlines potential steps employers can put in place to support their staff who may be struggling.

It suggests employers should be aware of ‘stigmatising’ language, create accessible facilities, and appoint workplace menstruation and menopause advocates.

‘Once women began to enter the workforce, they had to adapt to an environment that was not created with their health and wellbeing in mind,’ writes Dr Maria Tomlinson for the BSI.

‘There is much more that employers can do to ensure that menstruating employees have equal access to their places of work, receive adequate support, and can achieve their full potential.’

The BSI is the UK’s official standards body responsible for setting out the agreed way of doing things across a variety of industries.

It comes at a time when gender equality charities, such as Fawcett, are calling for employers to have a ‘menopause action plan’ in place. According to their research, one in 10 women have left their job due to symptoms of menopause.

While 89% of people who menstruate have experienced stress in the workplace due to their period, found Bloody Good Employers – an imprint of Bloody Good Period, the menstrual equity charity.

The BSI will be officially launching their new guidance – BS 30416, Menstruation, menstrual health and menopause in the workplace – at a free event with top experts on 5 July in London (currently waiting list only).  

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