FeaturesNSPCC reveals worrying scale of abuse and neglect

NSPCC reveals worrying scale of abuse and neglect

In 2021-22, the NSPCC’s Helpline contacted agencies about 22,505 children to investigate concerns about abuse and neglect.

The figures reveal that there were 8389 children with concerns of neglect, 6441 children with concerns of physical abuse and 4418 children with concerns of emotional abuse. There were also 3013 children with concerns of sexual abuse and 244 for sexual abuse online.

The charity hopes that, by releasing these figures and highlighting the scale of the issue, professionals can come together to help support children and take action to protect them from abuse and neglect as well as prevent it from happening. The NSPCC works closely with statutory agencies, including the police and children’s services, and refers contacts received about abuse or neglect if serious so action can be taken to protect children.

The charity’s flagship day for raising awareness and funds is Childhood Day, which is on Friday 10 June 2022.

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