UncategorisedNews in numbers: May/June 2022

News in numbers: May/June 2022

A breakdown of recent community health news, in numbers. Download the PDF, here

3 in 4 UK parents are struggling to cope with increasing costs of raising children due to the escalating cost of living crisis, a survey of more than 2000 parents showed

70% said rising energy costs were an issue, while around 1/3 struggled with education costs

Changes to standard practice that address unmet maternal mental health needs could have a net economic benefit of £490 million over 10 years

That’s £52m in NHS savings and quality of life improvements worth £437m, says the Maternal Mental Health Alliance

37% of 1000+ parents asked about their child’s eye health said they were more likely to ask their health visitor to check their child’s eyes than any other health professional

10% of 2285 participants in the Childhood Adversity and Health and Wellbeing During Covid-19 Study in Wales reported 4+ ACEs (adverse childhood experiences)

Adults with 4+ ACEs were more likely to report vaccine hesitancy, and have low trust in NHS Covid-19 information and an aversion to restrictions

36% of people with diabetes were still in remission 2 years after taking part in the DiRECT study. Participants were put on an 850-calorie per day programme supported by their GP. Remission was defined as blood sugar levels below 6.5% without the need for medication


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