NewsMore than 70,000 children have a parent struggling with alcohol

More than 70,000 children have a parent struggling with alcohol

Data from the NSPCC found that, last year, 71,580 children in England were identified as having a parent struggling with alcoholism. In the same period, the charity’s Helpline received an average of six contacts a day from adults concerned about a child whose parent was misusing alcohol.

Right now, The National Association of Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa) are holding their annual Children of Alcoholics Week. The campaign aims to raise awareness of children with a parent who suffers from alcohol misuse. The NSPCC are urging adults to be aware of these signs:

– Parents visually under the influence of alcohol

– Change in a parent’s behaviour

– Children becoming withdrawn or developing behavioural, emotional or mental health problems

– Aggressive or repeated shouting at home

– Children caring for their parents or siblings

– Children wearing the same clothes or looking dirty

‘Living with a parent who misuses alcohol can leave children feeling isolated, confused, embarrassed and ashamed,’ said NSPCC Helpline Director Kam Thandi.

‘The truth is this is an issue that is often not talked about within a family and attempts are made to hide it. But secrecy makes it difficult for anyone else to notice and provide support, which is why we’re urging adults to look out for the signs and to encourage those impacted by it to speak out and seek help, so in turn children and families can be supported.’

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