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30% of people with type 2 diabetes are undiagnosed

Around 30% of people with type 2 diabetes in England are undiagnosed, and one in nine adults are suspected to have prediabetes, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Analysis of the data from between 2013 and 2019 suggests around 50% of those aged 16 to 44 with type 2 diabetes are undiagnosed, compared to 27% of people aged over 75.

Women are more likely to be undiagnosed if they have a lower BMI, lower waist circumference, or were not prescribed antidepressants. In addition, those from Black or Asian ethnic groups are twice as likely to be undiagnosed compared to White, Mixed or Other ethnic groups.

Diabetes UK have expressed concern over these results, stating undiagnosed diabetes can mean people are unable to access support to maintain their health and reduce the risk of complications. This is especially true as the number of people developing type 2 diabetes under the age of 40 is increasing.

Policy Manager at Diabetes UK Nikki Joule said:

‘We’re particularly concerned about the prevalence of prediabetes and undiagnosed type 2 diabetes in people from Black and Asian backgrounds, and the worrying proportion of younger people who are undiagnosed, as we know type 2 diabetes is more aggressive in younger people.

‘The findings are a reminder of just how important it is for type 2 diabetes to be detected and diagnosed as early as possible, so people can get treatment and support to reduce the risk of devastating complications and, importantly, be offered remission programmes where appropriate.’

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