Professional ResourcesMacQueen bursaries: supporting your work

MacQueen bursaries: supporting your work


The CPHVA Education and Development Trust is delighted to announce that applications for a MacQueen bursary are open for 2023. Plus hear from last year’s winners.

Winning a bursary can progress your professional development and further the work you do. Successful awardees are supported in attending the Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference through provision of a full conference ticket. Awardees are encouraged and supported to submit a paper for presentation or an academic poster at the conference.  Support is also given for publishing work required at the completion of the project or study activity.

Winning insight

Some of last year’s winners reveal how the MacQueen bursary has helped them progress…

Emma Fernandez

Health visitor, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Winning a MacQueen award has given me the opportunity to access advanced breastfeeding training that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. This will help me to support my aim to improve breastfeeding journeys for the families I work with as a health visitor, through enhancing my knowledge and skills.

Heather Pointer and Ann Marie Bush

Health visitors and 0 to 19 mental health practitioner, Wirral Community NHS Trust

‘We were delighted to win a MacQueen bursary, enabling us to develop our practice and skillset through training in Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale (NBAS) and Antenatal PEEP. These will be used within our project initiative to implement NBAS and care pathway within the 0 to 19 service following NNU/NICU inpatient care to support parent/infant mental health in Cheshire East.’


‘The knowledge and skills obtained through training will be used to strengthen support for families transitioning from the NICU/NNU environment and promote early, sensitive caregiving. We have also recently benefited from the opportunity to design an academic poster to share the project update at the recent Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference.’


Eileen O’Sullivan

Specialist HV parent and infant mental health practitioner, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

I feel so fortunate to have been awarded a MacQueen bursary. This opened the door for me to continue my education and in September 2022 and I started my master’s studies in perinatal mental health at Sheffield Hallam University. I currently work as a specialist HV and feel so fortunate that the new knowledge and learning I gain from my studies can be shared with colleagues and as a result enhance and improve the care we deliver for the families we support.

Without the bursary, this opportunity would not have been possible, so I hold this in mind and remain very grateful as I embark on this exciting journey… and with my first deadline looming, I will keep this update short and sweet so I can get back to my assignment plan!

MacQueen Bursary 2023

Several bursaries are awarded annually and applications are invited for the following purposes of practice…

  • Enhancing professional and personal development though academic study activities
  • Developing practice through conducting research
  • Project-supporting initiatives that enhance practice to facilitate the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups or communities.


In addition, awards can be made to support examination of public health overseas through travel bursaries. This award category will support participation in a public health activity overseas and explore its relevance to UK practice.

Individual bursaries are awarded for up to £5000 (travel bursaries up to £3000) with all shortlisted applicants subject to an online interview via Zoom.

All applicants must be members of Unite-CPHVA; however, if a project is for a team, then the lead applicant must be a member.

Priority will be given to the shortlisted applications that demonstrate the greatest potential to enhance practice. In addition, applications will need to state the total amount of funding that is sought and should include a detailed costing for the project or study activity.

Submit completed applications to Sarah Forester [email protected] and/or Angela Lewis [email protected] Either can be contacted with questions, including those on further information on applying and the selection process.

The closing date for the receipt of applications is 5pm on 31 March 2023.

Get in touch

Find the CPHVA Education and Development Trust at:



The trustees and non-voting trustees (professional advisers) are:

Kitty Lamb- Chair

Sarah ForesterHonorary secretary

Angela LewisAwards lead

Lorraine Fox Honorary treasurer

Margaret WarnerVice-chair

Malcolm RiglerTrustee

Michelle MoseleyProfessional adviser

Asha DayProfessional adviser

Amanda HollandProfessional adviser

Gavin FergieUnite professional officer supporting the trust

New website alert!

The trust is launching a new website.

This will be the location of the application form, terms and conditions, and guidance on applying for a MacQueen bursary.



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