NewsWales: older adults at risk of being left behind in healthcare

Wales: older adults at risk of being left behind in healthcare

Publication: A rapid review of the effectiveness of interventions for addressing digital exclusion in older adults, Public Health Wales (PHW)

What are the main points?

> ‘Digital exclusion’ is the impact on people who don’t want to or are unable to use digital technology.

> Older adults are the largest proportion of people who do not use the internet, putting them at a disadvantage as more health and social care services move online.

> Research suggests actions should be taken, such as incorporating interventions into existing services, creating tailored computer software, or teaching digital literacy skills.

> A range of interventions can increase digital literacy and confidence, but the research showing this is not yet of a high enough quality.


Hannah Shaw, principle evidence and knowledge analyst at PHW, said: ‘This review… demonstrates the need for further high-quality evaluation in this vital area of digital exclusion. As more services and information is delivered online then it is extremely important that this group [of older adults] is not “left behind”.’

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