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UK: political parties should prioritise clean air

Campaign: Clean air in manifestoes 2023, Global Action Plan

What are the main points?

> An open letter coordinated by Global Action Plan and signed by 40 organisations – including Asthma + Lung UK and the British Heart Foundation – has called on political parties to take action to address air pollution.

> Air pollution is associated with up to 43,000 deaths and millions of cases of ill health in the UK each year.

> The letter asks for parties to commit to a Clean Air Act; investment in walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure; and the establishment of Clean Air Frameworks with local authorities and health and social care teams.


The joint letter states: ‘If the government do not act on air quality, the UK will continue to have one of the highest rates of asthmatic children in Europe, preventable health conditions will continue to put pressure on the NHS, and the most vulnerable in society will continue to endure suffering from air pollution that they are least likely to contribute to.’

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