NewsScotland: getting children out of temporary accommodation

Scotland: getting children out of temporary accommodation

A new study from UCL and De Montfort aims to understand the experiences of children living in temporary accommodation.

The research, commissioned by Shelter Scotland, will explore how children and young people in temporary accommodation live their lives. Researchers will put child voices at the centre of the study, using their own words, stories and drawings.

‘It is essential that we hear from children directly,’ said UCL’s Professor Monica Lakhanpaul. ‘This project will allow us to hear from the children first hand so that we can ensure action takes place to improve their lives, experiences and future opportunities.’

According to UCL, there are currently a record number of 9595 children living in temporary accommodation. Some children are stuck for years due to a lack of adequate social housing.

Shelter Scotland are planning to use the study’s findings to encourage the government to build more social homes, ensuring children and their families are able to move quickly into a permanent home.

Director of Shelter Scotland, Alison Watson said:

‘With a record number of children living in temporary accommodation, this research will reveal, in the children’s own words, any positive aspects of temporary accommodation but also the significant and damaging impact that it can have.

‘There is a housing emergency in Scotland, with 45 children becoming homeless every day. It’s important for us to better understand the impact that being put into temporary accommodation is having on children. A generation of children in Scotland are being stripped of their right to grow up in a secure, safe home and are unable to achieve their full potential. This is unacceptable.’

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