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Northern Ireland: mental health strategy launches but faces funding problems

The Department of Health (DoH) has published their second annual Mental Health Strategy Delivery Plan under the Mental Health Strategy 2021-31. It gives the key actions to be delivered over 2023 to 2024, and details on progress from the 2022/23 plan.

The new delivery plan for was co-designed with input and support from a range of stakeholders, including trusts and the community and voluntary sector.

While the implementation of the current strategy was described as a ‘key priority’, funding to implement it has not been sufficient. So the DoH are prioritising actions that are deliverable in 2023/24.

‘Given the current financial constraints facing the department, tough decisions have had to be taken on the actions to be included in this year’s plan and the associated allocation of funding,’ said DoH permanent secretary Peter May.

‘To support this work, the department has allocated a further £5.5m to implement this year’s delivery plan. ’The secretary acknowledged ‘this is less than the requirements set out’, but also said ‘I am confident this investment will have a significant impact on improving services for individuals.’

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