The big question: could automation replace health visitor jobs?

Three members give their views on whether automation is good or bad for the profession.

General anaesthetic in children linked to arrested development

A study of more than 210,000 children has found that those exposed to general anaesthesia before the age of four were more likely to fare worse at school than their unexposed peers.

Use of paracetamol in pregnancy increases risk of ADHD and autism

Pregnant women who take paracetamol are up to 30% more likely to have children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), new research suggests.

Children outperform endurance athletes in recovery

Researchers have discovered how young children can run around all day without getting tired.

Wet wipes could contribute to childhood food allergies

A soapy substance found in wet wipes could leave children more vulnerable to developing allergies, new research shows.

Depression in mothers impacts child’s IQ

A mother’s depression negatively impacts her child’s cognitive development, a study has found.

Wales: NHS bursary to continue

The NHS bursary is to be extended for another year in Wales, health secretary Vaughan Gething has confirmed.

Birth interventions linked to long-term health problems in children

A study has linked medical interventions at birth with a higher risk of health conditions such as jaundice, respiratory infections and eczema.

Children in charge of unhealthy packed lunches

Children are persuading parents to fill their lunchboxes with sugary and fattening treats, according to research.

Motor skills enhance reading in obese children

A new study has linked high body fat in boys to poor reading skills, but suggests this can be mediated by better motor performance. 

Arguing parents cause lasting emotional damage to children

Conflict between parents can impact on their children’s emotional processing, new research shows.