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New official priorities for women’s health in 2024

Menstrual problems, menopause and maternity care will be part of the top government priorities for women’s health this year.

At the Women’s Health Summit last week, Health and Social Care Secretary, Victoria Atkins discussed her plans for 2024, as the Women’s Health Strategy for England moves into its second year.

In the last 12 months, the strategy has reduced the cost of HRT and created specialist women’s health hubs in every local health area, the Department of Health and Social Care stated. The strategy also oversaw the creation of a dedicated women’s health section on the NHS website, which provides updated information, advice and practical resources.

The priorities for 2024 were decided after receiving responses from over 100,000 healthcare professionals, women’s health champions and members of the public. These include:

– Better care for menstrual and gynaecological conditions

– Expanding women’s health hubs

– Improving support for vulnerable women, including victims of sexual abuse and violence

– Improving maternity care for before, during and after pregnancy

– More research into women’s health

‘We’re breaking historical barriers,’ said Victoria. ‘We’ve made huge progress – enabling almost half a million women access to cheaper HRT, supporting women through the agony of pregnancy loss and opening new women’s health hubs – but I absolutely recognise there is more to do.

‘We’re ensuring these changes benefit all women, regardless of socioeconomic background or ethnicity, because our Women’s Health Strategy is only a success if it works for all women.’

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