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England: just a single dose of the HPV vaccine required from September 2023

Programme: HPV vaccination programme: changes from September 2023 letter, UKHSA

What are the main points?

  • From September, routine HPV vaccinations for children in year eight (aged 12 to 13) will go from two doses to one, following advice from JCVI. Eligible men under 25 will go from two doses to one.
  • Eligible people who have already received one dose by September 2023 will be considered fully vaccinated.
  • Evidence suggests just one dose offers protection comparable to two doses. Other countries, such as Scotland and Australia, have already changed to single doses. Wales will also do so shortly.
  • Eligible men aged 25 to 45 will remain on two doses. Three doses will continue to be given to immunosuppressed or HIV-positive individuals.
  • The NHS HPV programme in England has dramatically reduced HPV infections. A 2021 study found that cervical cancer rates were 87% lower in young women who had been offered the vaccine, compared to those who had not.


National Director for Screening and Vaccinations

‘This is another step forward for our world-leading HPV vaccination programme, which saves lives by significantly reducing the risk of cervical cancer.’

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