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Australia: mental health disorders

Half of the world’s population will have developed at least one mental health disorder by the time they reach 75, suggests a global study.

Researchers analysed data from the WHO’s Mental Health Survey, which included over 150,000 participants in 29 countries, and covered the period between 2001 and 2022.

The three most common disorders among women were depression, specific phobia, and PTSD. For men it was alcohol abuse, depression, and specific phobia. Results found a median age of onset at 20 for women and 19 for men. Age of onset stresses the importance of treating mental health promptly.

Professor Kessler of Harvard Medical School said: ‘By understanding the age at which these disorders commonly arise, we can tailor public health interventions and allocate resources to ensure that appropriate and timely support is available to individuals at risk.’

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