Childhood obesity: an overview of the existing barriers to the health practitioner’s role in providing effective intervention

Amalia Burca Bouch highlights the latest guidance, and health professional research, on reducing the risks of childhood obesity. She also explores existing barriers to effective intervention and implementation of the guidelines.

Difference and opportunity - health visiting interventions with abused women from collectivist and honour-based communities

Dr Catherine Smyth sets out the issues and challenges faced by health visitors when the caseload includes women from these hard-to-reach groups 

What factors influence mothers in the UK and Ireland to wean their infants before six months of age?

This narrative literature review by Cathryne Edmunds and Sue Green, outlines key factors associated with early weaning before six months of age. 

CPD Module 2: Age-appropriate weaning foods

Weaning practices have changed frequently over the years whether due to trends or in response to new evidence – leaving families and sometimes health professionals unsure of the latest guidance.

CPD Module 1: Vitamin D status of young children

The importance of vitamin D has come to the fore in recent years leading to frequent discussion...

The power of volunteers

A volunteer programme that gives support to vulnerable families demonstrated that a small investment in training and support can bring about enormous change. Pauline Lee, Sarah Cook and Catherine Mee explain more.

Domestic abuse on your doorstep?

Domestic abuse can present a tough situation for health visitors. They need to know about it in a timely manner and decide how to respond. Michelle Moseley evaluates an initiative in Wales that sets out to offer support.

Positive parenting

Parenting programmes can be an effective means of influencing, but some communities are more difficult to reach. Neelam Awan and Ruth Butterworth explain their findings.

Video interaction: another point of view

When it comes to mental health, prevention is key. Janice Toyne and Clare Dhanushan describe how a video-based intervention is successfully enhancing communication between parents and their babies.

Supporting pre-registration nurses within health visitng and school nursing

Adelle Shaw-Flach, Research Project Consultant, Anglia Ruskin University

Georgina Hoy, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University


During the Health Visitor Implementation Plan (DH, 2011), health visiting teams were flooded with high numbers of health visitor students and, as a result, preregistration student nurse placements for both health visitor and school nurse placements were reduced or temporarily suspended until its conclusion in 2015.

Understanding SCPHN students' experience of practice educator-led peer support groups

Paula Elliott Health Visitor Practice Educator, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust

Graham Ormrod Director of Health Partnerships, University of Huddersfield


Specialist community public health nursing (SCPHN) students are expected to develop significant skills and competencies in practice, whilst also achieving academic success.