Road safety: treading carefully

With more cars on the road, and at higher speeds, there is an increase in fatal accidents. Journalist Caroline Roberts explores how we can keep each other safe.

AIDS: are we finally winning the fight?

Ahead of World AIDS Day on 1 December, journalist Juliette Astrup takes a look at the fight against AIDS – from promising new developments and breakthrough treatments to some of the barriers undermining progress.

Thank you, Ros!

Ros Godson, lead professional officer at Unite, retires at the end of 2017 after a 40-year career
in nursing. Her colleagues share their thoughts…

More than a game

Young children aren’t getting enough playtime outside, but why is that a problem, and how can you help to change the situation? Journalist John Windell reports.

The impact of parental conflict on children

Children can be the silent victims when their parents’ relationship goes sour, reports journalist Phil Harris. But with the right awareness, it doesn’t have to be that way…

Mental health: who's supporting mothers?

Services for maternal mental illness are emerging as the UK’s secret shame. How can the situation be improved for new mothers, and what role can community practitioners play, despite the challenges faced? Journalist Phil Harris takes a look.

Healthy living: practise what you preach?

Research suggests that patients are less likely to accept weight-loss advice from an overweight or obese health practitioner. So should we be taking more of our own advice as a profession, or is it more complex than that?

Diabetes: the avoidable epidemic

Cases of type 2 diabetes are skyrocketing, taking a toll on the health of the nation and the overstretched NHS.Journalist Juliette Astrup looks at how you can help by encouraging children to get a healthy start in life.

Homeless: in a lonely place

The number of sofa surfers, rough sleepers and families crammed into inadequate B&Bs is growing, writes Anna Scott. And homelessness brings health risks, poor life chances and social exclusion.

Doing it by the book

In an age of voice activation and touchscreen technology, has the humble book had its day? We look at why reading is still so crucial – and how community practitioners can help families get children into books.

Body image: the pressure of 'normal'

While feeling body-conscious as a teenager may not be new, the issue is arguably now magnified thanks to always-on technology. Community Practitioner looks at the impact.