The digital health evolution

Technology is pushing back the barriers in healthcare. How are community practitioners responding?
Rima Evans reports.

The people have spoken

With the repercussions of the general election only just beginning to be felt, Community Practitioner takes a look at what it might mean in the longer term for the NHS, healthcare and the people working within it.

Challenging views on breastfeeding

Why isn’t UK culture conducive to breastfeeding? And can it ever change? Helen Bird explores some of the reasons behind our low breastfeeding rates and looks at what could reverse the trend.

Breastfeeding at work

The reality and what needs to improve...

Immunisation: does it need a booster?

Is immunisation slipping down the health visiting agenda? Helen Bedford, professor of child public health, explores the evidence.

Antibiotics under the microscope

Are antibiotics becoming a healthcare catastrophe? Lorna Duckworth explores how real a problem antimicrobial resistance is, its implications for public health and future generations, and what community practitioners can do to tackle it.

Blended services: a juggling act

Public health nursing in England is undergoing massive changes, with school nursing and health visiting being blended into integrated 0 to 19 services. Community Practitioner asks what this means for the services, the practitioners and the communities they serve.

Why the NHS finances don't add up

Years of underfunding, fragmentation and reorganisation have brought many NHS services to their knees. Caroline Roberts unpicks the reasons for the NHS’ plight – and its prospects.

The case for vital contact

The government’s decision to retain the mandate for five health visitor contacts in England represents a small victory for the profession. But a look across the borders shows the country is still falling short, as Juliette Astrup finds out.

Child mental healthcare: please can we have some more?

The prime minister has said child mental healthcare is a priority, but the reality is not matching the rhetoric, reports Phil Harris.

The decline of nursing?

What would the future of heathcare look like without nurses? Juliette Astrup examines the steep decline in applicants to nursing programmes in England.