The NMC code is for you

Jane Beach, Unite lead professional officer, looks at how the NMC code can help support you during the difficult moments at work.

Difference and opportunity - health visiting interventions with abused women from collectivist and honour-based communities

Dr Catherine Smyth sets out the issues and challenges faced by health visitors when the caseload includes women from these hard-to-reach groups 



What factors influence mothers in the UK and Ireland to wean their infants before six months of age?

What factors influence mothers in the UK and Ireland to wean their infants before six months of age?

This narrative literature review by Cathryne Edmunds and Sue Green, outlines key factors associated with early weaning before six months of age. 

CPD Module 3: Nutritional value of the weaning diet

A child’s early years are a time of rapid growth and development...

CPD Module 2: Age-appropriate weaning foods

Weaning practices have changed frequently over the years whether due to trends or in response to new evidence – leaving families and sometimes health professionals unsure of the latest guidance.


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A difficult position

A health visitor describes the dilemma in which practitioners could be required to verify women’s disclosures of rape for benefit applications.

Feeding the cycle

The World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative UK offers its expert comment on the state of the nation’s breastfeeding rates.

Winning the vaccine race

Medical research and science writer Meredith Wadman explains her passion for vaccines and how a particular story gave her unexpected inspiration to write a book.



In Depth


Senator Larissa Waters: Credit - Jeremy Buckingham

Breastfeeding at work

The reality and what needs to improve...

Childhood allergies: iStock

How to deal with childhood allergies

Childhood allergies have become a challenge for health services. So what more can be done to spot, treat and control them?

Worried sick

Worried sick

Tasneem Clarke, a social worker and research officer at the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, looks at the link between financial problems and ill health, and how community practitioners can help.