OCD: the unwelcome takeover

There is far more to obsessive compulsive disorder than straightening ornaments and checking light switches. Thankfully, awareness is growing. Journalist Georgina Wintersgill reports.

Expectation of pain is reality for children

A University of California study, published in Psychosomatic Medicine, saw researchers apply thermal heat to 20 healthy children, 20 with anxiety disorders and 23 adults, asking them to rate the levels of pain.

Higher A&E admissions for children from households with health issues

A new study has found that emergency hospital admissions are more likely for children growing up in homes where an adult has a mental health disorder or an alcohol misuse issue.

Scotland: calls to action on mums' mental health

The Scottish Lib Dems are calling for action after the Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) revealed that half of health boards in Scotland have no specialist services for pregnant women and new mothers.

Wales: GPs prescribe 'super nanny' to struggling parents

Parents who find it hard to manage their child’s behaviour are being prescribed a specialist early years worker as part of a pioneering scheme in Swansea.

England: sharp rise in school mental health referrals

Rising demand is placing the system under increased pressure, jeopardising thousands of kids’ wellbeing.

Mapping maternal mental health services

Dr Alain Gregoire of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance calls for an end to the postcode lottery and the roll-out of perinatal mental health units across the UK.

Depression in mothers impacts child’s IQ

A mother’s depression negatively impacts her child’s cognitive development, a study has found.

Wales: make children’s mental health a national priority, says assembly committee

Schools need preventative measures to support children’s mental health, a new report from the Welsh Assembly has found.

Arguing parents cause lasting emotional damage to children

Conflict between parents can impact on their children’s emotional processing, new research shows. 

England: Unite calls for more school nurses to improve mental health

‘Enforceable targets’ for school nurses must be included in the government’s green paper on children and young people’s mental health provision.