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LAR of the year award 2018

Do you know a Local Accredited Representative (LAR) who deserves special recognition?

Social media can raise children's unhealthy snack intake

Research from the University of Liverpool has highlighted the negative influence that social media can have on children’s food intake.

Poor sleep in childhood linked to 'bad' cholesterol

Good sleepers in childhood may be healthier adults, according to University of Helsinki research that looked at the effects of different sleep patterns on the health of 1049 adolescents.

Sensory learning helps children eat more healthily

Researchers have found that sensory-based education in nursery children promotes healthier eating habits.

Early-life obesity impacts children's learning and memory

Being obese or overweight in the first two years of life and poorer cognitive ability at school age have been linked by a study, published in the journal Obesity.

Expectation of pain is reality for children

A University of California study, published in Psychosomatic Medicine, saw researchers apply thermal heat to 20 healthy children, 20 with anxiety disorders and 23 adults, asking them to rate the levels of pain.

Higher A&E admissions for children from households with health issues

A new study has found that emergency hospital admissions are more likely for children growing up in homes where an adult has a mental health disorder or an alcohol misuse issue.

Wales: spike in staff sickness days due to stress

Almost 77,000 working days were lost due to stress and anxiety at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) last year – at an estimated cost of more than £5.4m.

UK: NMC makes 'huge leap forward' in standards

New training standards have been launched by the NMC, setting out the skills and knowledge needed by future nurses.

Scotland: breastfeeding up by 5% in forth valley

Health visitors who helped raise breastfeeding rates by 5% have been awarded a Baby Friendly Award from Unicef.

England: HV and school nurse jobs at risk

An overhaul of children’s services in Staffordshire could put 37 health visitor and school nurse jobs at risk, Unite has warned.