Eczema: soothing soreness

Recent research has cast doubt over the use of additive bath oils to treat childhood eczema. Journalist John Windell asks what the best advice is to give parents now.

Making measles history

Measles has almost disappeared from the UK, but how can it be totally eradicated so it’s no longer an issue? Michelle Falconer and David Green of Public Health England show how CPs can help.

The management of eczema in children

Jean Robinson looks at the community pracitioner's role in treating eczema.

Sun exposure: know the risks

A study by the British Association of Dermatologists surveyed over 1000 people in regard to their sun protection habits and knowledge.

The rough with the smooth: managing nappy rash

Establishing a skin care routine that keeps an infant’s skin healthy can be a challenge for parents, says Sylvia Woolley, and it is the role of the community practitioner to educate parents on the management of nappy rash and the importance of preventative skincare routines.

Allergies, atopic dermatitis and the importance of correct skincare

In a background of rising allergic diseases, it is worth examining how healthy skin can be compromised. Just as important is an understanding of the effect on skin of cleansers, and how to choose a mild product that is appropriate for baby skin.

The anatomy of skin

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Its vital role is the protection of internal organs and structures from the environment. This article explains that baby skin is not the same as adult skin, but a more delicate and vulnerable structure, and hence requires different care from mature skin.

Common myths about baby skincare

Which skincare practices should be encouraged to protect baby skin, and which are unfounded myths?