Northern Ireland: welfare reform ‘traps more children in poverty’

The number of children trapped in poverty will increase because of changes to social security benefits.

England: losing race to improve children’s health

A report from the RCPCH projected that in 2030 there would be 50% more A&E attendances for young children and young people.

Wales: earlier mental health support in schools

Pupils will receive earlier mental health support in schools to prevent more serious problems in later life.

England: virgin wins back HCP contract after legal challenge

A council ordered by the High Court to re-run the procurement process for health-visiting and school-nursing services has identified Virgin Care as the preferred bidder for a second time.

Great Britain: children attracted to those of same gender are twice as likely to self-harm

Almost a quarter (22%) of girls aged 14 have self-harmed in the past year, according to a new report by The Children’s Society.

UK: friends and role models cushion impact of ACEs

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can severely impact on a child’s education and health prospects, but resilience resources such as friends and role models can help lessen the impact, researchers have found.

UK: sixfold increase in children’s mental health problems

Mental health problems in children and young people have soared across the UK.

England: help for children of alcoholics

200,000 The number of children with alcohol-dependent parents who could benefit from the new measures

Review looks at NMC’s handling of Morecambe Bay cases

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) for health and social care has published a ‘lessons learned’ review into the NMC’s handling of concerns about midwives’ fitness to practise at the Furness General Hospital between 2004 and 2014.

Is anyone listening?

The mental and physical health of trans young people is suffering, to the point they’re even accessing healthcare less often, and they continue to face considerable stigma. What can you do to help ensure they’re as healthy and happy as they should be? Journalist Phil Harris reports.

24 hours with Alimatu Dimonekene

Alimatu is lead advocate for ProjectACEi – a community group who advocate, educate and engage communities to end FGM. Twitter: @ProjectACEi

Northern Ireland: HV shortage denies children critical health reviews

Almost 700 one- and two-year-olds have failed to undergo an annual health visitor review because of a staff shortage at the Western Health Trust.

Antacid use doubles baby allergy risk

Babies who are given antacids or antibiotics during their first six months may be at a higher risk of developing allergies or asthma, a new study has found.

Scotland: thousands of under-fives suffer drug poisoning

Thousands of children under five have been admitted to emergency departments in Scotland after being poisoned by common household drugs such as paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Childhood gambling: betting with their future

New figures reveal the shocking extent of gambling among children. Journalist Phil Harris asks if we need to be more vigilant.

The tools to assess neglect

Identifying problems with the care of a child poses challenges for health visitors. Dawn Hodson and Natalie Cummings discuss how the Graded Care Profile 2 tool can aid you in your assessments and help your relationship with a family.

England: body map to identify genetic condition

A new body map to identify a genetic condition and birthmarks has been introduced to the ‘red book’ for families in East Sussex.