Scotland: too few children eat enough fruit and veg

A new Scotland-wide survey that paints a picture of the nation’s health found that just 13% of children are getting their five a day, and 29% are at risk of being overweight.

UK: new advice on eggs

Infants, pregnant women and the very elderly can now enjoy runny eggs that carry the British Lion mark.

England: allow messy eating, says NICE

Children with slow weight gain should be allowed to ‘be messy’ with their food, new guidance from NICE says, urging parents to avoid ‘coercive feeding’ and ‘punitive approaches’.

CPD Module 3: Nutritional value of the weaning diet

Which nutrients are important to support an infant’s optimal growth?

Carrie Ruxton PhD, registered dietician

Diabetes: the avoidable epidemic

Cases of type 2 diabetes are skyrocketing, taking a toll on the health of the nation and the overstretched NHS.Journalist Juliette Astrup looks at how you can help by encouraging children to get a healthy start in life.

Early signs of heart harm in obese toddlers

Changes in the structure of the heart have been found in obese infants – including babies under the age of one, a study shows.

Northern Ireland: obesity warning over unhealthy snacking habits of families

Poor snacking habits could be fuelling the obesity crisis in Northern Ireland, experts have warned.

Free school meals during the holiday for some Welsh children

School children in some of the most deprived parts of Wales are receiving free school meals this summer.

England, Wales: ‘disturbing’ rise in type 2 diabetes in children

More than 620 young people across England and Wales now have type 2 diabetes – up almost 14% in a year

Healthy eating cuts caesarean odds

Healthy eating and physical activity during pregnancy limits excess weight gain and lowers the odds of having a caesarean section, according to research.

Wales: parents unaware of children's weight

Parents in Wales are struggling to recognise when their children are overweight, experts have warned.