SLCN - communication breakdown

Many children with speech and language difficulties are slipping through the net, writes journalist John Windell.

General anaesthetic in children linked to arrested development

A study of more than 210,000 children has found that those exposed to general anaesthesia before the age of four were more likely to fare worse at school than their unexposed peers.

Depression in mothers impacts child’s IQ

A mother’s depression negatively impacts her child’s cognitive development, a study has found.

Veganism: the right diet for children?

Increasing numbers of parents are opting to bring up their children on a vegan diet. But is this advisable – or sustainable? Journalist Radhika Holmström asks a panel of specialists.

Birth interventions linked to long-term health problems in children

A study has linked medical interventions at birth with a higher risk of health conditions such as jaundice, respiratory infections and eczema.

Motor skills enhance reading in obese children

A new study has linked high body fat in boys to poor reading skills, but suggests this can be mediated by better motor performance. 

England: children with speech problems not receiving adequate help

Children are not getting the support they need for speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) in England, a review has concluded.

Chatting frequently with children improves their language skills

Making conversation with children can boost the brain’s response to language, according to cognitive scientists at MIT.

Siblings more likely to show empathy and kindness

Children with brothers and sisters who are kind and empathetic are more likely to exhibit those traits themselves, a study has found.

Wales: parents should take time to talk, listen and play

A new campaign to encourage parents and carers to ‘talk, listen and play’ to support children’s communication skills has been launched by the Welsh Government.

Eating fish every week linked to better sleep and a higher IQ

Children who eat fish at least once a week sleep better and have higher IQ scores on average than those who eat little or no fish.