Children raised by same-sex parents do as well as their peers

A study has shown that children raised in same-sex parented families do as well as children raised by heterosexual couple parents.

Babies can learn persistence at 15 months

A new study has found that babies can learn to keep trying if they see an adult struggle to complete a task.

Children’s learning regulated by unexpected part of brain

Learning during development is regulated by an unexpected brain region, according to research from the Netherlands.

Premature babies: a new type of care

More premature babies are surviving, but with complex health needs. Community practitioners play a vital role in giving support, says journalist Anna Scott.

Antibacterial soap could harm babies

An antibacterial chemical found in soap transfers from mother to baby – and could have serious health implications.

Breastfeeding should be added to school curriculum to tackle UK's low rates

Breastfeeding should be taught in schools as part of statutory personal, social and health education to address the UK’s low rates, said the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).

Autism slows sibling development

A review of published studies suggests that infants who have siblings with autism spectrum disorder may be affected by their development.

Antibiotics could lead to birth defects

A study has found that certain antibiotics taken during pregnancy could cause birth defects.

Wales: parents unaware of children's weight

Parents in Wales are struggling to recognise when their children are overweight, experts have warned.

New potential treatment for fetal alcohol damage

Drugs could be used to erase the learning and memory deficits caused by fetal alcohol exposure.

Childhood obesity: an overview of the existing barriers to the health practitioner’s role in providing effective intervention

Amalia Burca Bouch highlights the latest guidance, and health professional research, on reducing the risks of childhood obesity. She also explores existing barriers to effective intervention and implementation of the guidelines.