UK: babies that eat solids early sleep better

Babies introduced to solid foods early sleep longer and wake less frequently at night than those exclusively breastfed for the first six months, according to a new study.

USA: violence in pregnancy predicts aggression in toddlers

Children born to mothers who experience violence in pregnancy are more likely to show aggression towards their mothers as toddlers.

England: indoor air pollution study will look at effects on children

A ground-breaking study will examine the potentially harmful impact of indoor air pollution on child health.

USA: 'helicopter' parents could harm children's emotional wellbeing

Parents who are too controlling could make their children less able to manage their emotions, a study suggests.

USA: close siblings are better at weathering family conflict

A close relationship between siblings may offer protection from the psychological harm caused by hostility between parents, a study in Child Development has shown.

Northern Ireland: specialists to help parent-baby bonding

A new service to support parents struggling to bond with their babies has been offered by two specialist health visitors in infant mental health at the Western Health and Social Care Trust.

Scotland: plans for smoke-free council houses lead assault on tobacco

Smoke-free clauses on council house tenancy agreements are among a raft of new measures being considered under a plan to make Scotland smoke-free by 2034.


UK: primary school children suffer hygiene poverty

Children are coming to school unwashed and in unclean clothes because their parents can’t afford cleaning products, a study has found.

Transforming Blackpool's health-visiting model

Children in Blackpool are in need of extra support. Health visitors Sarah Keighley and Vicky Barkworth describe how they worked with Blackpool Better Start to transform the town’s health-visiting model.

The only way is up: the poverty trap

Successive governments have promised a fairer society and greater equality of opportunity, yet research continues to show a decline in social mobility in the UK. Journalist Juliette Astrup asks if is it harder than ever to escape the poverty trap.

Early-life obesity impacts children's learning and memory

Being obese or overweight in the first two years of life and poorer cognitive ability at school age have been linked by a study, published in the journal Obesity.