Breastfeeding: the right support

Professor Sally Kendall MBE explores why breastfeeding rates are so low, and how health visitors can support mums to do more of it.

South Africa: Breastmilk protects babies against infection for life

A mother’s milk can provide lifelong immunity against illness, new research funded by the University of Cape Town and other organisations has shown.

USA: Limited formula use may not affect breastfeeding, say researchers

‘A little formula’ in the first days of life may not impact breastfeeding at six months, researchers from the University of California have suggested.

Scotland: Experts rate breastfeeding support in Scotland

Support available to breastfeeding mums in Scotland has scored highly in an expert review of current services.

Why are they waiting?

Tongue-tie can be a problem for mothers and babies when it prevents them from breastfeeding, and long waiting times for the simple fix can make it worse, reports journalist John Windell.

Northern Ireland: more than 700 businesses back breastfeeding

More than 740 businesses are now members of the Breastfeeding Welcome Here scheme, a year after the launch of the #NotSorryMums campaign.

England: baby-weaning campaign will boost mothers’ confidence

A new campaign to help parents introduce their babies to solid foods has been launched by Public Health England (PHE). Its survey revealed that more than one in four mothers lack confidence in doing so.

Scotland: quarter of mums ‘uncomfortable’ breastfeeding babies in public

More than a quarter of new mums said they are being made to feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, a nationwide survey has found.

England: mums can call on Amazon voice assistant for breastfeeding advice

Public Health England (PHE) is offering mums breastfeeding advice via Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.

Breastfeeding reduces risk of high blood pressure

Women who breastfeed more children, and for longer, are less likely to suffer from hypertension after the menopause.

Northern Ireland: take pride in breastfeeding, says PHA

The benefits of breastfeeding and helping mums feel confident about doing so in public are the focus of a new campaign launched by the Public Health Agency (PHA).

Probiotic’s potential to help babies with colic

Researchers have found evidence to support the use of a probiotic in babies with colic or excessive crying.

Finger foods from six months ‘do not increase choking risk’

Letting babies feed themselves solid foods from as young as six months does not increase the risk of choking, a new study suggests.

Breastfed babies run lower atopic eczema risk

Breastfeeding could cut a child’s risk of developing atopic eczema, says a study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

Breastfeeding and the workplace

Breastfeeding coordinator Sinéad Lynch explains how being on the workplace workstrand of the Northern Ireland breastfeeding strategy has influenced strategic and local support to women who are combining breastfeeding and work.

Why are ‘hard-to-reach’ women not engaging in a breastfeeding peer support programme?

May Patricia Islam investigates the uptake of breastfeeding peer support in two deprived areas in a south-east London borough.

An exploration of common infant behaviour misinterpretations that can lead to a perception of low milk supply

Lyndsey Hookway outlines how community health visiting teams can allay women’s fears by providing evidence-based information surrounding the bevaviour of breastfeeding infants.