Northern Ireland: legislation to protect mums who breastfeed

New laws to protect mothers who breastfeed in public are to be brought forward in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland: breastfeeding rates climb – but remain lowest in UK

Breastfeeding rates in Northern Ireland are increasing, but are behind the rest of Ireland and are still the lowest in the UK.

Breastfeeding should be added to school curriculum to tackle UK's low rates

Breastfeeding should be taught in schools as part of statutory personal, social and health education to address the UK’s low rates, said the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).

Challenging views on breastfeeding

Why isn’t UK culture conducive to breastfeeding? And can it ever change? Helen Bird explores some of the reasons behind our low breastfeeding rates and looks at what could reverse the trend.

Northern Ireland: half of mothers don’t try breastfeeding

Almost 50% of mothers who have given birth in Northern Ireland since 2012 left hospital without trying to breastfeed, a new study has found.

Breastfeeding at work

The reality and what needs to improve...

Feeding the cycle

The World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative UK offers its expert comment on the state of the nation’s breastfeeding rates.

What factors influence mothers in the UK and Ireland to wean their infants before six months of age?

This narrative literature review by Cathryne Edmunds and Sue Green, outlines key factors associated with early weaning before six months of age. 

Unicef launches Baby Friendly consultation

Unicef is seeking the views of healthcare professionals who work with mothers and babies on its proposed Baby Friendly Foundation, 20 years after introducing the Baby Friendly Initiative.

Patchy support for breastfeeding

A report on breastfeeding in the UK has found access to support is inconsistent and under threat.