Time to digest

Digestive disorders are more of an issue than we like to admit, and can also be confusing. So how can you help families tell IBD from IBS, and when’s the right time to see a GP? Journalist John Windell reports.

Healthy living made easy

Your at-a-glance guide to helping everyone have a healthier 2018 and beyond.

Smartphone use linked to teenage sleeplessness

Teenagers now sleep fewer hours than older generations, possibly because of time spent on smartphones and tablets, says a new study, led by Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, and published in Sleep Medicine.

School nurses say pain has complex causes

School nurses interpret chronic pain in adolescents as a social, physical and psychological phenomenon, a Norwegian study, published in BMC Nursing, has found.

Scotland: new plans to tackle obesity crisis by helping children

Giving children a healthy start is key to the Scottish Government’s plans to tackle the country’s obesity epidemic.

England: new antibiotics awareness campaign

A major new campaign to ‘Keep Antibiotics Working’ has been launched by Public Health England in the face of the antibiotic resistance crisis.

England: new eye-test resources for schools

Public Health England has produced a new set of resources to support the commissioning and delivery of local services for screening children’s vision.

Sepsis in the community

Health campaigns are finally raising awareness of the life-threatening infection, sepsis. Independent nurse and health visitor Dorothy Karikari-Boateng takes a closer look, including how to spot and advise families on the infection.

Farsighted children at risk of falling behind at school

A new US study suggests that farsighted children starting school find it harder to pay attention.

Scotland: too few children eat enough fruit and veg

A new Scotland-wide survey that paints a picture of the nation’s health found that just 13% of children are getting their five a day, and 29% are at risk of being overweight.

Wales: inactivity costs NHS £35m a year

Sedentary lifestyles cost NHS Wales £35m in 2015, according to new analysis by Public Health Wales.