News in numbers: April

A breakdown of community health news this month, in numbers.

Tooth decay: down in the mouth

Tooth decay remains a persistent problem across the UK, especially among children, writes journalist John Windell, so what can put the sparkle back in the nation’s smile?

Smoking in pregnancy

Public Health England is working with Improving Performance in Practice (iPiP) to review the role of health visiting and practice nursing in addressing smoking in pregnancy.

Supermarkets: checking out health?

As Tesco joins forces with three national charities to reduce the risk of disease by promoting healthy eating, journalist Juliette Astrup looks at the role of supermarkets in helping to improve public health.

Parents’ teenage lifestyles may influence their offspring’s health

Parents’ teenage lifestyles may affect the growth and development of their own children, a new study suggests.

Meningitis symptoms hard to spot in babies under three months

Only half of babies under three months old who have bacterial meningitis show signs of a fever, a study has suggested.

Anti-obesity drives help boost pupil performance

A review of anti-obesity initiatives in schools found they helped to improve pupils’ problem-solving and could boost achievement.

Bright light suppresses sleep hormone in youngsters

Exposing children to an hour of bright light before bedtime almost shuts down their production of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin, a study shows.

England: call for action on childhood obesity

A new report from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity seeks to shift the debate around childhood obesity from ‘willpower’ to how environments shape decision-making in diets.

Northern Ireland: diabetes incidence rises 62% in decade

Called for early intervention and prevention programmes to be implemented for those at greatest risk

‘Healthier’ treat is not so healthy

Less sugar and clearer labelling have been called for after new analysis reveals some blueberry muffins have 10 teaspoons of sugar.