Annual conference 2018

We bring you the highlights of this year’s Unite-CPHVA 2018 Annual Professional Conference.

Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference 2018: the round-up

A brief look at this year’s main professional event which was held at the Bournemouth International Centre on 17 to 18 October.

Unite-CPHVA conference app launched

An app providing delegates with up-to-date information and news before and during the annual professional conference 2018 has been launched.

Lead professionals confirmed for conference

High profile policy makers representing all four nations are just a few of the speakers confirmed for the 2018 Unite-CPHVA annual conference on 17 and 18 October in Bournemouth. 


The CPHVA is providing an opportunity for members to apply for a supported place to attend its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October. 

Child protection: joining up the dots

Many agencies bear responsibility, but the safeguarding of children can still fall short. Are local authority cutbacks solely to blame or do other barriers prevent a fully joined-up approach between health and social services? Journalist Helen Bird investigates.

Threat to school nurse jobs in Birmingham

Unite warns that vulnerable children could be hit by the threat to axe a ‘significant’ number of school nurse jobs by the Birmingham School Advisory Service.

Celebrating the unsung BME heroes

The Awards will acknowledge a wide range of clinical, research and leadership achievements, as well as the unsung heroes who might otherwise be overlooked.

Reading you loud and clear

When almost half of the working-age adults in England cannot decipher everyday health information, journalist Juliette Astrup examines health literacy in the UK, and what is being done to improve it

Are you the rep we're waiting for?

Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter encourages members to take up the challenge of becoming
a local rep and speaking up for your colleagues.

Is school nursing DNR?

School nursing services across the UK are being changed, cut, expanded and integrated into other teams. With no apparent UK-wide consensus on what their role should be, do school nurses have a future in the modern NHS? Journalist Sarah Campbell investigates.

Calling Doctor Google

The rise of the internet has given us all a world of health information at our fingertips. Journalist Juliette Astrup looks at how researching symptoms online impacts on community practitioners.

Update from the CPHVA Executive

This month, the committee explains Expert Reference Groups and how you can get involved.

The big question: what will be the main challenges in community health for 2018?

Three members offer their insight on the challenges ahead for health visitors, school nurses, and community nursery nurses.

Time to digest

Digestive disorders are more of an issue than we like to admit, and can also be confusing. So how can you help families tell IBD from IBS, and when’s the right time to see a GP? Journalist John Windell reports.

2018 – the year of the NHS

Unite’s head of health Sarah Carpenter looks back at the key issues and campaigns of 2017, and ahead to a looming milestone in 2018.

CPHVA Executive: touching base

Welcome to the first of new, regular updates from the CPHVA Executive.