MacQueen bursary 2022

10 January 2022

Winning a bursary can progress your professional development and further the work you do. Find out how to enter, plus hear from some of last year’s recipients.

Gill Gray

Health visitor/practice teacher, NHS Lanarkshire

‘The bursary has enabled me to undertake an MSc qualification in leadership and education. This has enhanced my practice in the professional development of others and will ultimately improve patient care.’




Kath Kearns

Specialist community and public health nurse (school nurse) practice educator, Derbyshire Community Health Services

‘By securing a MacQueen bursary, I have enabled myself and five colleagues to become qualified sleep practitioners via training from The Sleep Charity. This has allowed us to support many children and young people to develop healthier sleep habits, as well as helping several colleagues gain a broader understanding and then disseminating this vital element of public health information across the wider population.

‘Sleep is the single most effective activity we can do to look after our health and wellbeing. Research is demonstrating that sleep has a significant impact on health and wellness. We are increasingly finding out more information regarding the value of sleep. If we don’t sleep, we don’t learn. The immune system is renewed by sleep. Good sleep equates to good, resilient mental health, enabling us to be more engaged and enjoy life more.’


Fionnuala Quinn Duffy

Specialist health visitor, Co Antrim Northern Ireland

‘I am an experienced health visitor based in Northern Ireland and am in the privileged position of being able to make a vital difference to families in the prevention and treatment of perinatal mental health illness. As Champion for my health visiting team, I have a platform to positively inspire my colleagues, effect cultural change and help break down stigmas associated with perinatal mental health illness.

‘The mental health crisis that emerged during the pandemic inspired me to develop my knowledge and skills to help families affected by perinatal mental health problems. I was assisted by the CPHVA to fund this and was recently awarded a postgraduate certificate in cognitive behavioural practice with commendation from Queen’s University Belfast, which has given me confidence, expertise and a developing knowledge in key psychological disorders.

‘I am using these skills to help mothers by using behavioural activities and skills encompassed in the CBT model to improve maternal mental health and maternal infant interaction with subsequent positive effect on attachment and bonding.’


Suzanne Gill

Family Nurse Partnership Team, Salford

‘Receiving MacQueen award funding enabled me and the Family Nurse Partnership [FNP] team in Salford to attend ‘Escape The TRAP’ facilitator training. Escape The TRAP is a domestic abuse training programme aimed at young people. Unlike other training, the victim does not have to be free from the perpetrator to attend.

‘The course content lends itself to a preventative model, alongside a model for when young people are experiencing abuse. As family nurses, much of our work is public health delivery, so the course fits in with the ethos of FNP. We have not yet had the opportunity to deliver this in group sessions, although we may consider it. However, we are able to embed our training and knowledge in one-to-one sessions with our clients, providing discussion and resources to assist young people to understand and recognise traits of a perpetrator and feel empowered to feel safe in relationships.

‘The award has enabled us to develop our skills and knowledge and provide additional support to our clients. We are very grateful to the MacQueen awards.’


Bonnie Harley

Health visitor, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

‘I am extremely grateful to be a recipient of a MacQueen award. Receiving the award is giving me the opportunity to return to university to top up my specialist community public health nursing postgraduate diploma to obtain an MSc. 

‘The theme I have chosen for my remaining 60 credits, which I will be focusing on over the next year, will be safeguarding. This will undoubtedly enhance my professional practice by giving me a greater in-depth body of knowledge in this area, which is pertinent to health-visiting practice.

‘I would encourage anyone considering further study to apply for the MacQueen bursary award. Thank you again, CPHVA, for supporting my studies!’


Alison Rutherford

Family nurse practitioner, Harrogate and District Foundation NHS Trust

‘I was delighted to receive a MacQueen award this year. It has enabled me to begin additional studies to gain qualifications in rapid transformational therapy (RTT) and hypnotherapy. I began studying in April and expect to graduate early in 2022. RTT is a standalone therapy combining many well-regarded approaches from modern psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, healing, counselling and coaching.

‘I am thoroughly enjoying my learning journey and am grateful for the support of the CPHVA Education and Development Trust.’


Amanda Holland

Lecturer and SCPHN programme manager, Cardiff University

‘I feel very privileged to have received a MacQueen award. This will enable me to continue my professional development through PhD studies. I aim to undertake empirical research exploring the all-Wales Health Visitor Observation and Assessment of the Infant, an approach I co-developed as a health visitor when working for the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board in South Wales. I am absolutely thrilled and excited to begin this journey, and feel extremely thankful for the support I have received.

‘I urge those eligible to consider applying for a MacQueen award as a means of accessing continuing professional development and to enable you to achieve your full potential. Good luck!’

MacQueen Bursary 2022

The CPHVA Education and Development Trust is pleased to announce that applications for a MacQueen bursary are open for 2022.

Applications are invited to fund any of the following activities:

  • Initiatives undertaken in practice to facilitate the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups or communities
  • A research project focused on the enhancement of practice in community settings
  • Engagement in professional or academic study activities to enhance the applicant’s practice
  • Travel costs associated with an overseas public health project that will enable the winner to either engage in a public health project or to explore an initiative to determine its relevance to UK practice.

Several bursaries are awarded annually (up to a maximum of £5000 per application, or £3000 for the travel award). All applicants must be current members of Unite-CPHVA.

Please note that bursaries can only be awarded to the individual, and not an employing organisation. Applicants will need to state the total amount they are seeking and should include a detailed costing for the project or study activity. Priority will be given to the shortlisted applications that demonstrate the greatest potential to enhance practice.

Nomination forms can be downloaded from cphvaeddevtrust. wordpress.com or by emailing [email protected]

Shortlisted applicants will be assessed by an online interview, to take place in March 2022.

  • Closing date for the receipt of applications is 5pm on 31 January 2022

Here's how to apply


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