What's your practice reality during Covid-19?

22 May 2020

As the UK adjusts to life in lockdown, how are CPs carrying out crucial work while staying safe? Here’s just a snapshot of your current situations…

Bonnie Harley

What a beautiful card from my lovely HV team ........work desk cleaned, diary closed & out of office on. Health visitor hat removed & time to put my Dusty/rusty ICU Nurse hat back on  #Covid19redeployment #ByeByeForNowHealthVisiting #HelloAgainITU

Rebecca stringer

Hi all, we have a few staff redeployed. But we have school nurses in for chathealth, telephone contacts and safeguarding and forward planning for when normal service resumes. Hope you are all safe and well  take care


Flintshire flying start have a hub staffed by HV and B5, some staff are working from home, some have been redeployed, we don’t have smart phones so only able to talk or text but weekly team meetings via Zoom!

Claire Brown

Redeployed into district nursing (which is lovely to experience and help out with). School nursing is not really an active service in my trust apart from few staff looking after safeguarding . I am worried for the emotional (and physical) health of our young people and families

Fran Nice

In Formartine, Aberdeenshire. We are using #nearme to stay connected to our families. Although we can’t physically be there, we can be near. We are doing visits for primary and 6-8 weeks using full PPE #shirenearmechallenge

Meleesha Morgan-Jones

All staff redeployed except safeguarding-mostly at staff testing units. Looking forward to happier times when school nursing resumes #StaySafeStayHome

Jenny Harmer
Health visitor, South west London

Both work and home life have changed drastically.

Our duty line offering has expanded from weekday afternoons to seven days a week, nine to five – but it's been difficult to advertise this as we have no social media presence. Instead it’s been communicated via signs on the doors of the children’s centres where clinics normally run, and communicated to families when we speak to them.

We’re being encouraged to make contact with families primarily by telephone. We feel fortunate to have basic PPE available if we think face-to-face contact is needed.

Video conferencing platforms have been rushed out for us to use with colleagues and families. I tried using it with a mother I’ve worked with for a while and it worked well. It was good to ‘see’ her, but then realised she was using her phone data so long conversations weren't possible. She spoke and understood English, but many of our clients would struggle.

We’re able to continue offering some face-to-face breastfeeding support, but via a few fixed appointments in a children’s centre rather than our drop-in session.

My husband is working from home, and on the days I work he has to juggle conference calls/managing his team, as well as ensuring our children are watered/fed/completing something vaguely educational. While everything has shifted for us, I have more normality in my routine than my children, and I appreciate this.


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