MacQueen bursaries: reaping the rewards

06 December 2019

We hear from seven more recipients on what their bursaries have enabled them to achieve…

Ciara McCloskey
Specialist health visitor, Western Board, Northern Ireland
Bursary awarded: Professional development

Ciara’s award funded a master’s degree on ‘Working with infants – a psychoanalytic observation approach’.

Ciara was keen to explore the psychological and emotional factors that can interfere with the normal flow of a mother getting to know her baby and how this might manifest in a feeding problem.  

Ciara says: ‘Obtaining the MacQueen award has allowed me to continue my studies in this area, and as a result, has increased my confidence and expertise in my role as a specialist HV for infant mental health.’


Joanne Mark
Health visitor, Manchester 
Bursaries awarded: Professional development and Research

Joanne was awarded funding for the research component of her master’s degree. She will be investigating the management of infant reflux, concentrating on parents’ experiences of the issue and the support they receive from professionals.




Ellen DiCicco
Health visitor, Lancaster 0 to 19 service
Bursary awarded: Professional development

Ellen was awarded funds to complete a research proposal, helping her to develop her practitioner research skills and complete her master’s dissertation.

She hopes to do research that looks at how health teams can support healthy infant nutrition in marginalised communities, involving parents and community stakeholders. 




Julie Cross
Health visitor, Oxford 
Bursary awarded: Professional development

Julie’s award will support her in completing her dissertation as part of an MA in health sciences at Oxford Brookes University.

She has a passionate interest in the early years and the importance of the heath visiting role in addressing school readiness issues at an early stage.

Julie hopes that her dissertation will enable her to raise awareness and encourage collaborative working across early years, local authority and healthcare settings.


Julie has a passionate interest in early years and the importance of health visiting in addressing school readiness issues early on


Sarah Sutcliffe and Maggie Bell
Health visitors, Virgin Care Limited Lancashire
Bursary awarded: Practice development

Sarah (pictured) and Maggie‘s award will support the development of MAMS – a five- to six-week emotional wellbeing awareness course aimed at women with children aged under one year.

MAMS hopes to offer mothers the opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment, make positive changes, improve their self-esteem, explore how play and interaction with their baby shapes their inner world as well as their baby’s developing personality, and signpost to local services. 


Kerry Ellis
Health visitor and practice teacher, Women and Children’s Services, NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Bursary awarded: Research

Kerry’s award has been used to pay for course fees for the first year of PhD study at the University of the West of Scotland.

Kerry will be looking at the relationships between HVs and families, and their role with empowering and enabling families using strengths-based approaches.


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