Feedback: conference special 2019

07 November 2019

What were your highlights from the Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference this year? Here’s a selection of your comments…

One memorable moment for these delegates was listening to the Unite-CPHVA representatives from Lincolnshire, and their regional officer, on the ongoing HV dispute: 

Induben Desai 
HV and specialist practice teacher, London

They’re looking at our professional integrity and keeping our job descriptions in line. They are the gatekeepers of our profession.




Suzette Muhammed
Locality lead for 0 to 19 service, London

"I want to thank the HVs striking in Lincolnshire for keeping the rights of the HV alive. A lot of us get transferred from one provider to another via the local authority, and we’re not sure of what the terms and conditions are."




Indrah Carter 
HV practice teacher, London

I think what their session highlighted is that the girls are very brave – I’m sure it wasn’t an easy thing to make a decision about, sacrificing and not knowing how long the battle will go on for.

The talk also highlighted the need to be aware whenever there’s a transfer, and the importance of having a rep.

Going to the talk benefited us in a personal and professional way.


Fiona Jordan
HV, Cardiff

I think the main take-home and the most valuable thing for me was to see the different ways people are working in different areas.

It’s the first time I’ve been [to conference] and I’ve found it really interesting.

We are quite saddened and shocked to hear about what’s happening in England because we’ve been protected from it in Wales.



Regender Athi
Health visiting practice teacher, Sandwell

I’ve always enjoyed conference. It’s where you come for inspiration and to look at innovative practice [happening] elsewhere. We’ll be taking a lot back from this year. We always bring our work to share too, and this year we won a prize for our poster.




Kerry Balcombe 
HV, Kent

To come to conference, I put my name into a hat and was picked out, so this is my first time here. There’s definitely some valuable things I’m going to take back to my trust. I’ve been in the plenary sessions and the workshops, and there’s a lot to digest.




Justina Ward
Community nursery nurse, Sussex

It’s my first time at conference, and there’s been so much to listen to. I’m really looking forward to going over all my notes and feeding back to my team.

I’m already inspired by my current colleagues, but coming to conference has inspired me to train further even more.  




Rebecca Reynolds @becksreynolds

Feeling rather privileged and inspired to have sat and chatted with @EAnionwu and @GinaAwokoH this evening about research, @PUNC14 and the future of public health #CPHVA19


Lara Alamad @BCUResearchCYP

Had a great day at the #CPHVA19 Conference showcasing my work with @births_multiple in poster form. So many thought-provoking speakers!





Bonnie Harley @BonnieHarley8

Fantastic few days @Unite_CPHVA conference, really interesting & invaluable learning & great to see lots of speakers representing Wales!! Extremely grateful to @UniteinHealth @GavinFergie for this opportunity. GREAT conference, GREAT learning, GREAT afterparty! #VeryVeryThankfulHV 



On the app:

Abigail Phipps 
HV practice teacher team coordinator, Cardiff

Home after an incredibly long five-hour drive, but continue to enjoy the buzz from conference. Feeling inspired. Thank you.

Jade Sharp, HV

Really enjoyed my first conference, thank you everyone. I love being a HV and it was so inspiring to see everyone’s passion and commitment for improving the outcomes for our children and their futures.

Ellen Dicicco, HV

Thanks for such a brilliant and informative conference which I was able to attend thanks to the MacQueen bursary. I have learnt so much.

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