NQHV: Time for a change

05 July 2019

My student health visitor journey began in May 2017.


As a student nurse, I had enjoyed a placement with HVs and, despite that being a number of years ago, it was always a role I had thought about, so I was very excited that an opportunity to apply for a place locally had turned up.

I joined the health visiting team after seven years in acute adult services, accident and emergency/outpatient department, and latterly a surgical ward. A lot had changed over the years in acute care – and also in my personal life – so the time felt right for a new challenge.

Following a successful interview, I joined the health visiting team as a community staff nurse and my starting date for university was confirmed for 4 September 2017. I was excited to embark on my new challenge, but also nervous at leaving the acute setting, my current job and everything I knew.

When I started university, I remember the feelings of self-doubt surrounding the academic work. I had completed my first degree in 2010 and the academic work for specialist community public health nursing (SCPHN) (health visiting) was now at master’s level. While I enjoyed my practice placement and soon found myself in a routine of working and studying, the study was very intense and I found it important to develop some sort of work/life balance as a way to keep me motivated and focused for the year ahead. I was very lucky to have a supportive husband and family who encouraged me and kept me grounded when I needed them most!

Thankfully, I found myself working in a team of HVs who had an abundance of knowledge and experience for me to learn from. Nonetheless, it could be quite overwhelming. I felt I had lost my identity as a trained, registered nurse and at times I questioned myself: Would I make a good HV? How would I ever get to the stage where I had all this experience?

All experience counts

I began to remember that I had many transferable skills from my previous roles as a staff nurse. And on entering my consolidation period I started to feel more confident in my own abilities. I also knew that I would be supported by an excellent team of HVs.

Following completion of my course and registration on the SCPHN NMC register, I felt a sense of pride in the hard work I had put in to allow myself to start the next chapter of my career as a qualified HV, and I continued to build my caseload.

However, I still felt apprehensive about the complexity of some of the cases and my lack of experience for the transition from trainee HV to HV. But I was very fortunate that I had regular clinical supervision and could talk to my colleagues in the office – at any time – about anything I was unsure of from my visits, which has allowed my confidence to grow.

My career as an HV has only just begun and I can honestly say that I really enjoy my job and the excellent team that I work with. I am looking forward to the years ahead, building my caseload, increasing my knowledge and widening my experiences.  

What I’ve learned 

  • If you are unsure of anything, always ask! No question is silly.
  • Reflecting on experiences on a daily basis will allow you to grow and develop as a practitioner.
  • Always prioritise your work, and work within the limits of your practice, with the support of your team and continuing supervision.

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