Feedback: moving messages

05 July 2019

Celebrating and supporting breastfeeding, and details of how to get involved in your professional journal.


Animating advice

During a week of celebrating breastfeeding in June, Unite-CPHVA, in collaboration with Public Health England, produced a short film with an important message. The animation celebrates breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact both immediately after birth and throughout the early weeks of life, and has a focus on BAME women. The idea behind the film is to encourage women to breastfeed and remind them about the help and support they can access from health visitors, community nursery nurses and midwives. The message, of course, is still highly relevant for World Breastfeeding Week (1 to 7 August) and well beyond.

To watch and share the animation, visit bit.ly/breastf_animation

For more information on the awareness week in August, see worldbreastfeedingweek.org For the latest on supporting breastfeeding, read our article by Professor Sally Kendall MBE on page 48.

Share your knowledge

Want to comment as an expert voice in a feature in your professional journal? We are always on the lookout for members to share their work, experience, and expertise. So if you would like to be interviewed on any of the following topics, please get in touch: autism, body image, self-harm, eye health, young carers. If you would like to contribute in other ways, such as suggesting an aspect of a topic the journal should explore, or if you would like to suggest insightful resources for these topics, please email [email protected]

To give any feedback on the journal, or to talk about your work projects or achievements, email [email protected], tweet us @CommPrac, or reach us on facebook.com/CommPrac


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