Feedback: conference special 2018

07 November 2018

What did you take away from the Unite-CPHVA annual professional conference this year? We spoke to some of you to find out…

Pamela Shaw
Queen’s Nurse Pamela Shaw, health visitor and practice educator, Yorkshire

‘This is the first year I haven’t presented, so I’ve been able to reflect even more on the content I’ve heard. And I found the conference energising! I’ve been around like-minded people, sharing best practice and hearing about the challenges they are facing and how they have overcome those challenges.

‘I particularly liked the session “What to do when you don’t know what to do”, which highlighted the importance of staff working together and having a voice, raising concerns and being mindful of the duty of care and the NMC code of practice.

‘Sometimes I think staff can be a bit frightened to raise concerns, frightened of the consequences. The NMC code gives them a tool that they can utilise and it was good to refresh that.

‘I will definitely be writing up my notes to feed back to my colleagues.’

Eunice Selle
Eunice Selle, health visitor, Yorkshire

‘I really enjoyed the Five Guide caesarean section workshop – that’s fantastic and it’s something I’m going to use – it’s going into my work diary straight away. I will also be asking questions about fathers though all my visits – I want to embrace that in my practice.

‘I will definitely be doing a reflective piece about being here for revalidation in March.

‘It’s made me feel a bit more revitalised – there is a dormant state of affairs in practice at the moment. This has given me more energy that what I’m doing is enough. We can’t make a change on the politics, but all I can do is my best.

‘I’ve been uplifted. I feel valued in my profession and as an individual. I’ve found it really quite enriching.’

Shirley Pang
Shirley Pang, school nurse, London Borough of Newham

‘It’s nice to hear we are not the only service experiencing challenges. It’s been really good chatting to everyone and hearing what they are doing. We are all in the same boat, powering through to keep public health going.

‘The presentations on toilet training and sleep success were really good. I didn’t realise there were courses for sleep practitioners. And ERIC [the children’s bowel and bladder charity] has an online area for practitioners to support children with continence issues.

‘I enjoyed the session about obesity in adolescents – teenage girls obesity versus physical activity – it was really interesting to hear what she found in that research.’


Sharon Rogers, healthy child practitioner, Shropshire community health

‘I liked the baby friendly initiative talk this morning, but I especially liked the children’s sleep charity session. I’ve done the training before – it’s fascinating – but it’s nice just to go over it to make sure I’m still giving out the right message.’

Chris Mcdermott


Fantastic concurrent session from Sabrina Purse: understanding adoptive families, feel very privileged to have heard about her personal experience #CPHVA18 Pauline Bigwood @BigwoodPauline @CFHS_Surrey HV&SN together #CPHVA18

Pauline Bigwood 

@BigwoodPauline @CFHS_Surrey HV&SN together #CPHVA18 your role your voice your future 




This is your professional journal
Angela Lewis

@angelabinkee2 Lunch with colleagues from Gloucestershire UNITE-CPHVA and we have stumbled across @CommPrac lunchtime session ways to contribute to the journal #sharingbestpractice #CPHVA18



Susan Abiola, senior HV, London Borough of Newham

‘Dame Elizabeth Anionwu speaking about Windrush, suffrage and the NHS at 70 was really good. I felt like I could relate to her. It was amazing to meet the first sickle cell anaemia nurse in the UK. She is an inspiration.

‘I really got a lot from the session on human trafficking. The fact that 10 children a week are trafficked blew me away.

‘I’ve really enjoyed a lot of things and I’ve taken so many pictures. I really enjoyed the app as well.

And I will definitely take away what I’ve learnt today about mindfulness and stress management. I feel like I have a lot of skills and tips to bring back to my team. At the moment we are overworked and understaffed so I am looking forward to bringing all these great ideas back.’

Grace Aidoo, HV, London Borough of Newham

‘Conference has allowed us to come together and learn about what’s happening in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and other areas in England. I was also fascinated by the mindfulness session; while we can find it difficult to praise ourselves, mindfulness and relaxation can help us find the positive in ourselves that we see in the clients we care for.’

Panel Tweet
Shola Suzie

@s_14uzie Amazing sessions! Really helpful information to build our team and personal lives in increasing our stress management. #CPHVA18 #stress #mindfullness #Healthiswealth #HealthVisiting

Sarah Ward, HV, Shropshire community health

‘I particularly enjoyed the resilience presentation. In fact, during the session, I drafted a letter to our senior leadership team about it being their responsibility as much as ours, and about doing something jointly to look at the workload so that it’s manageable and can enable us to build our resilience. Because at the moment I think we’re just trying to survive.

Building on that, Sarah Carpenter and Jane Beach’s masterclass was really useful as that gave us good strategies to take that element forward and to do something about it.’


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