October feedback

03 October 2018

Knife crime, soap operas and selfies: your views on what we’ve been up to.


Clare McIntyre: Thanks to @helziebelle for seeking my views on soap operas in communicating #publichealth messages @CommPrac





David Munday via Twitter: Interesting article in this month’s @unite_CPHVA @CommPrac ‘Big story: distorted reality’. Read for yourself: communitypractitioner.co.uk/news/2018/09/big-story-distorted-reality





Su Lowe via Twitter: @saffie Reading great article in @CommPrac journal





David Munday via Twitter: First stop for @Ant8Johnson8’s #adaywithdave, @CommPrac. We’re meeting with deputy editor Aviva to talk about how members can influence/interact/contribute to their journal. Interested in info yourself? Take a look at her presentation #CPHVAnw18 bit.ly/getting_heard_AA




Clare McIntyre via Twitter: @CommPrac Great piece on knife crime and how a better coordinated public health approach in which causes would be identified, outbreaks investigated + treated and preventive action taken to stop the issue before it starts



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